Sanden Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

  • Save up to 80% of your conventional electric storage hot water bills.
  • Less energy, less impact on the environment, more savings.
  • Whisper quiet (37dB)
  • Attracts Federal Government rebates (via Small Trade Certificates)
  • Available in 4 tank sizes (160L, 250L, 300L and 315L)

How a Sanden Eco® Plus System Works.

The Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another. Heat is absorbed by ozone-friendly R744 (CO2), a natural refrigerant which does not contribute to global warming. As the warm gaseous refrigerant circulates through the system it passes through the compressor, and its pressure and temperature rises. The hot refrigerant then passes through a heat exchanger which heats the water. The refrigerant is cycled back into the system, and hot water is pumped to the storage tank.

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