Green Mountain Grills

From Green Mountain Grills in the U.S., pellet smokers come equipped with in-built WiFi capability.

Three models available, from the small and portable “Davy Crockett”, up to the patio “Daniel Boone” and larger “Jim Bowie”.

Electric powered for all your needs

In-built WiFi capability



Aromatic Pellets from Green Mountain Grills. Available in 3 varieties:

  • Premium Texas Blend: Aromatic and smoky blend of 60% black oak, 30% hickory and 10% mesquite.
  • Premium Gold Blend: Mellow blend of 40% red oak, 30% white oak, 20% hickory and 10% maple
  • Premium Fruitwood Blend: Equal mix of cherry, pecan and beech.

Hark – Charcoal/Wood

Become a barbecue master in your own backyard. Fuelled either by wood or charcoal for all your barbecue and smoking needs. Heavy-duty steel construction.

Current models to choose from:

  • Hark Tri-Fire Offset Smoker
  • Hark Texas Pro-Pit Offset Smoker
  • Hark Chubby Offset Smoker


Hark – Gas

The Hark gas smokers give a different dimension to your smoking requirement. Smoking with gas is both easy and economical.

These units come in 3 different sizes for your individual requirements:

  • 24″ Patio Gas Smoker (51W x 46D X 84H)
  • 2 Door Gas Smoker (59W x 53D x 110H)
  • The Big Boss Gas Smoker (80W x 52D x 145H)


Hark – Electric

The Hark Digital electric smoker gives you three ways to smoke – dry, wet and hot. This unit is pre-programmable and great for constant, low temperature smoking. Large cooking area – 5 shelves and a rack for hanging meats and fish. Portable with rear wheels and adjustable front legs.

Cowboy Wood Chunks & Chips

Wood Chunks for your off-set smokers, available in Apple, Hickory or Mesquite.

Wood Chips for your smaller smokers, available in Apple, Hickory, Mesquite, Pecan or Cherry.

Apple: Use with fish, pork, white meat and poultry like chicken and turkey.
Hickory: Excellent for fruit, nuts, beef and all types of game.
Mesquite: For rich, full-bodied meats like beef, venison, duck and lamb.
Pecan: Ideal for spicy smoked foods, especially classic barbecue dishes.
Cherry: Crisp flavor for fish, lamb, all kinds of game, duck and beef.
3 Cup Pack (Chips only): 1 x Apple, 1 x Hickory, 1 x Mesquite.


A wonderful selection of rubs and sauces are available.
Rubs are made from a unique blend of spices and herbs that will make the tastiest meat you’ll ever eat!
And the sauces will compliment any meal.


A host of accessories for your smoking and barbecuing needs are available.

Wood chunks, wood chips, pellets, thermometers, A-Maze-N smoker tubes, injectors, BBQ sheets……

Come in and see the range!


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