Hark Smokers

Hark Smokers

Hark Offset Smokers

Become a barbecue master in your own backyard with a HARK OFFSET SMOKERS. Fueled either by wood or charcoal for all your barbecue and smoking needs. Heavy-duty steel construction.

Current models to choose from:

  • Hark Chubby Offset Smoker
  • Hark Texas Pro-Pit Offset Smoker


Hark Gas Smokers

HARK GAS SMOKERS give a different dimension to your smoking requirement. Smoking with gas is both easy and economical.

These units come in 3 different sizes for your individual requirements:

  • 24″ Patio Gas Smoker (51W x 46D X 84H)
  • 2 Door Gas Smoker (59W x 53D x 110H)
  • The Big Boss Gas Smoker (80W x 52D x 145H)