Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

* Save up to 80% of your conventional electric storage hot water bills.

* Environmentally friendly

* Fully Solar PV compatible

* Industry first smart controller

* Japanese Compressor

* Australian made tank & controller

* Attracts Federal Government rebates (via Small Trade Certificates)

* Available in 4 tank sizes (180L, 280L, 330L and 420L)

An air to water heat pump is a very efficient device that uses heat in the ambient air for hot water production. Its heat energy output is about three to five times as high as the electricity input required to run it.

Enjoy massive long-term energy savings. With Reclaim Energy Heat Pump Hot Water you can save up to 80% off your hot water bill. Why? Because the system uses less energy and has a higher thermal output than electric or gas water heaters. The top-down Heat Pump return heating design ensures quick water recovery. The system is whisper quiet and up to 200% more environmentally friendly than systems that use standard refrigerants.

Smart Controller

The Smart Controller has 5 presets that allow you to set customise your hot water management at the touch of a button. You can choose to optimise your PV energy production or for householders without PV you can set the unit to operate on the cheapest tariffs to ensure your household energy budget is controlled by you. Our single shot boost guarantees that no matter what option you choose you will never be without hot water.

Wise Living Heat Pump Brochure