About Us

Fyshwick Home & Heating specialise in providing top quality heating, cooling, and home products, at affordable prices.

We are Canberra based, locally owned, and family operated.

Starting from humble beginnings 35+ years ago, Fyshwick Home & Heating employs a dedicated group of knowledgeable staff, and our business continues to grow steadily.

Our showroom covers 500 square meters and we have approximately 100 wood, gas, and electric heaters on display.

Please call in-store to browse through our extensive showroom and have a chat with our friendly sales staff who will be happy to discuss your heating, cooling, and household needs.

Wood heaters are environmentally friendly!

Man has always relied on wood as a source of fuel to provide life’s basics for cooking, heating, and hot water. Yet, it was often dirty, inefficient, and hazardous. Not so with today’s wood heaters!

Engineers and technicians have worked hard to address the environmental issues associated with wood burning systems.

Manufacturers now use modern technology to produce combustion systems that are not only efficient but comply with the most stringent world emission standards.

Wood burning systems are a sound environmental choice because, unlike other fuels, burning wood generates no more carbon dioxide than if it were left in the forest to rot.

Wood is a renewable resource!

Good forest management ensures both a ready supply of fuel and enough greenery to wash carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Read more about the environmental issues associated with wood fuelled heating at the Australian Home Heating Association’s website.